Friday, December 26, 2014

Final New Blog

Hey Fantagians!

This post is crucial because we have now moved our blog to ! There will be rarely any posts updated here, so make sure you start visiting Pantage from now on, due to the lack of visitors. 

Thank you all and happy holidays!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lucky Bot Update and Cody Combos

Hey Fantagians!

          Remember the first time the Lucky Bot was released and almost everyone was complaining about receiving furniture and losing too many ecoins to getting nothing but ecoins and furniture? Trust me, the Lucky Bot has improved quite a lot.
          They have added recolors (I have no idea if they had that before because I never used it). Most of the recolors are the bob hairs. You still get furniture, but the chances are not quite as high as before. They have added MyMall permission as well.
           The rewards have improved. I've gotten the maple leaf board, sticky note board, green vest, bob hairs, and the wizard cape top. Many people have gotten the rubix cube board, which is now almost worthless.
          This week, you get twice the chance to earn a super special item in the Lucky Bot. Some items include the frog wand and teacher's pointer.
          Yesterday I received three Lucky Bot coupons as my daily reward. I click the "buy" button and it stopped right on the teacher's pointer. To be honest, I had no expression because I already have the pointer... However, I will sell it at MyMall the next time I get free permission for 5,000 gold which is the minimum price for selling teacher's pointer or frog wand.

          Although the Lucky Bot has improved, the Cody Combos has became worse. Each time I receive cody coupons and test my chances, I receive either 1) clogs 2) pants 3) a really ugly combo item or 4) the centaur body which is literally the bottom of a horse.
           I was half laughing half crying when I was reporting this to cinder_cider. She used her coupons as well and received 1) clogs 2) pants and 3) the centaur body. Well, we all know that Fantage is obsessed in horse bodies now...
          Then I thought, won't it be nicer if I traded five ugly items for a free spin? What I great idea! Thus, I traded in two striped pants, a headband, and two pairs of clogs for a free spin. The combos I saw were a pretty headband, the teal bow, a crown, the princess hair, a tropical fruit hat, the supermodel outfit, and the recolored cat ears. Literally, I'm going to get something good. Well, think of the chances of getting that tropical fruit hat. It's almost nothing. I clicked, I saw that sparkle, and yay! Guess what? Tropical fruit hat! Yay....five items traded for a good chance of getting something somewhat decent and I get this wrapped up hair thing with bananas and pineapples and nice. -_-


Fashion Battle

Hey Fantagians!

          There's a new "game" called the Fashion Battle which is technically a one-on-one fashion show battle with a player except there are only colors and that they try to sell you hair corresponding to each color that will give you bonus points. Literally, the hair costs 10,000 gold. Seriously, you can buy so much more quality items than that at MyMall.
           I cannot show you the whole process because I used all my points for today. You receive 3 free tokens daily but you can buy more with gold.

          The Fashion Battle is really a good way to earn stars and level up if you have many rare items. You do not need rare items to play, but similar to the Fashion Show, you get bonus points for rare items that match the color they give you.

The results are rarely updated, so you can ignore it.
The bar with five boxes are supposed to represent the difficulty level of competing with that player. To be honest, it is not accurate because some really good players have only one blue square on that bar.

          When you fill up the mystery box, click on it and it will give you three boxes. Choose a random one (it really doesn't matter) and it will give you either stars, tokens, or ecoins. You level up each time you win and you receive about 100-200 stars, depending on how much you defeated your opponent by. Don't worry about losing, because you don't really lose anything except for that token you used to play the game. You can either start a battle by clicking "Battle" or join a battle by clicking their name.


MyMall and Pilgrim Event

Hey Fantagians!

          Now looking back at my "HUGE UPDATE" post, I gave myself a facepalm. Ecoins? Ecoins? Now, I thought that ecoins never existed. It's all gold. However, I did enjoy my little moment at MyMall the day they gave out free permissions for one day.
          At first, I was dumb enough to think, "Darn, another free pass at MyMall. I never find kiosks anyways." You can click "get a kiosk" at your business page and they will give you a kiosk that is open if there is any open.

Items I have sold:
Blue castle board- 6000 gold
Blue celeb crown- 8000 gold
Green celeb crown- 7000 gold
Red Wizard hat- 8000 gold
Pink chalk board- 2000 gold
Disco board-5000 gold
V-day shirt- 5000 gold
and so on. I've been ripped off from most of the items above. Green celeb for 7000? People sell them for 15,000. As you can see, I post many items for the cheapest prices so you can check those out. I will post my kiosk each time I open one!
Then again, I got ripped off again when I bought ecoined white chalk board for 16,000 gold, so...

Aside from my ranting (which most bloggers do), lets get to the pilgrim event.

The event is basically just a "board" game where you get three feathers (turns) each day and if you use all of them, you can buy them with gold (no surprise, gold). I once landed on the spot where you get pilgrim shoes as a prize, but my computer lagged so much it wouldn't allow me to complete the mini game. If you do not complete the mini game, they allow you to get "another chance" if you buy chances with gold.
Here is the playing board:
When you land on a rock, you move back a few spaces. Mouse over each space to see the prize.
You can also gift your buddy feathers, but you cannot make other accounts and "transfer" feathers because you need to buy them with gold.



Hey guys,

I'm returning! Fortunately, I believe cinder_cider will also be returning as well.

Fantage Clubhouse:
This happened-

I mean, at least don't leave your stairs broken if the board doesn't show up as a glitch.

This week's bingo item is-

If you have complete your bingo but did not receive your prize, do worry because you will receive it the week after.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey Fantagians!
This is something you have to see!
There is going to be a new store called my mall in which it is just like Trade n' Sell EXCEPT for no trading. This is extremely smart of Fantage to do this because it can help them earn money and there would be no more scamming from trading.
I will update this post and look for my shop to buy items!

 -900 ecoins each
-3000 ecoins each
-550 ecoins
-670 ecoins
-600 ecoins *discount
-3000 ecoins
-900 ecoins *discount
-13,000 ecoins
-800 ecoins each
-7000 ecoins (ignore plus sign)
-2000 ecoins *retired
-600 ecoins each
-2900 ecoins
-2700 ecoins
-8000 ecoins
-6000 ecoins
-800 ecoins *discount
-800 ecoins *discount
-700 ecoins *discount
-1800 ecoins
-700 ecoins *discount
-3000 ecoins *discount
-6000 ecoins
-2000 ecoins each

-6000 ecoins

-5500 ecoins

-2000 ecoins
-950 ecoins

-670 ecoins *discount
-1750 each
-1750 each
^2200 ecoins each (the buddy costume is super special, if you wink you can float at the top of the screen anywhere around fantage and when you cry you pop yourself)
-490 ecoins each
-black boots and teal boots=370 ecoins each, tan boots 600 ecoins

-900 ecoins

-limited shoes: 900 each, blue boots 400 ecoins *discount
^pencil board is 1100 ecoins -others are 950 ecoins each
-2000 ecoins
-1000 ecoins
-600 ecoins each
(ignore the dog accessory) -700 ecoins each, glowing basketball is 1500 ecoins
-600 ecoins each *discount
-500 ecoins each
-600 ecoins each
-3000 ecoins each
-9000 ecoins each
5500 ecoins each, crown is 900 ecoins

If any one has the following items (all ecoined, please):
please let me know so we can haggle a price

or if you have movie star hair:

I will pay you 23,700,000 stars for it.

Or if you have this beta board:
(or a school girl outfit that is black and brown, is plaid, and has a tie on it)
I will be willing to pay about 35,000 stars for each of those two